Givenchy Spring 2013 RTW

by capaciousfashion


Can this be called minimalism? Perhaps, but only in comparison to Riccardo Tisci’s work over the past several seasons would the term be apt. Along with this new minimalism there was a softer feel to the collection. The use of lighter fabrics, plenty of white and powder blue mixed amongst the ever present black, and simplified ruffles providing that final touch of femininity. However, not everything was new at Tisci’s Givenchy. His signature religious undertones appeared in bertha collars echoing a nun’s wimple, banded necklines and gold chokers resembling clerical collars, and beautifully executed split skirts worn over trousers, bringing to mind church vestments. Although the collection was missing much of the dark romanticism usually seen at Givenchy, the eroticism was still present, only this time done with much more restraint, almost as if he is trying to hide it.  Might this be the beginning of a new, lighter direction for Tisci’s Givenchy,  or just a brief respite before sliding back into his romantically gothic darkness?